Should I change the locks when I buy a house? This question always has a very simple answer. Yes, you should. Moving is exhausting, and with so many details to keep in mind, it’s easy to overlook something. Packing, hiring movers, changing addresses, unpacking, and trying to reassemble your bed while having misplaced the directions are just a few of the tasks involved. So, even though we hate to add to your list, changing your locks is an important step that you might not have thought to take when moving into a new home.

We understand if you ask “why” at first. If you’re the first person to move into your house, changing your locks could seem futile. However, it’s not useless and is actually important for the security of your property, which is why we’ve listed a few main reasons why you should always replace your locks when you move to a new place-

Why changing your locks is important 

Changing your locks can help you feel more secure and safe in your new home, which is important when moving. Even if you believe your locks are secure, there are a number of situations that may permit changing them in order to improve security and peace of mind. These consist of-

  1. You don’t have any idea how many duplicates of your keys are there

With all due respect to the previous residents of your property, their friends, or their relatives – we’re sure they were really kind, dependable individuals. They might still have copies of your keys in any one of them. Or, even worse, they might be gone.

You never know who entered a newly built home during the construction phase, even if you are moving in. It’s possible that contractors and other tradespeople who have worked on your house in the past have duplicates of your keys.

  1. Keys were lent to a service provider 

Before you moved in, the previous tenants may have made some improvements or hired a cleaning crew. Even if they were thoughtful, it’s best to replace the locks once you’ve taken possession. When it comes to protecting your home, you should always be careful, even if those service providers were well known.

  1. There’s a divorce or family dispute 

Relationships can be challenging and occasionally don’t go as planned. If a relationship breaks off with a partner or family member and they have a key, you need to secure your property by changing the locks.

  1. There’s been a break-in 

In the USA, neighborhoods with a history of burglaries are 12 times more likely to experience one now. Once a residence has been successfully broken into, criminals are the potential to target a nearby house that has a similar layout (i.e., yours). Therefore, even if your neighbor was the victim, there is a good chance that you can be the next.

  1. Locks are not properly functioning because they’re worn out and old

The need to turn your key locks three or four times before your door truly opens is not usual. Do yourself a favor and get new locks if yours are beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

How you should you change locks on a new home? DIY or Professional?

A new house has two options for changing door locks- 

  1. Do-it-yourself 
  2. Hiring a pro. 

The professional way, which is the safest and surest approach to ensure that your locks are changed correctly, and the do-it-yourself which is not suggested.

Changing your locks DIY

Can you change your own locks? Sure. But at Locksmith Empire, we recommend hiring a specialist. They are equipped to change your locks, have the necessary skills, and can provide a variety of solutions. For example, rekeying your locks is a more complicated process than changing your locks, according to Locksmith Empire.

Without the correct skills and tools, rekeying a lock is very difficult. Cutting holes and mortises indoors while working with them is challenging. If you are not experienced, it is obvious to make mistakes. You lose the possible warranty when you try the DIY way. 

Hiring a professional to change your locks  

You already have a lot on your plate when moving into a new place. You should therefore seize every chance you can to simplify your move and lessen some of that stress. The first step is to use Locksmith Empire to change your locks. This person should be able to accomplish it quickly and offer you the assurance that it was done correctly. You could spend the time on aspects of the moving process that you truly love instead of having to find out how to do it on your own, buy the necessary tools and parts, and then actually replace them.

Options to update the locks on your house

There are many ways to change locks and it is important to keep them in mind- 

Rekeying locks

The old keys won’t work because rekeying only changes the locking mechanism and not the whole lock. Rekeying has the advantage of setting up a master key system, in which a single key opens all doors. When new tenants move in, this is often done in apartment complexes. Rekeying your entire house will cost between $150 and $175.

Replacing locks

When a lock is replaced, the lock’s complete body will be different. It can be a considerably more expensive process than simply rekeying the lock because a locksmith needs to buy a new lockset for the door, but it also gives you the option to update or customize the security of your home. Depending on the hardware and styles, plan on spending between $300 and $600.

Smart locks

More people are relying on smart locks to secure their houses as technology improves. In some cases, if, smart locks are connected to smart home, you can easily manage the lock remotely as well as you can also monitor who is entering in and leaving and allow people into the home if needed while you are away. Each smart lock costs between $250 and $500.

Can renters change locks? 

You might be wondering if you can replace the locks on your rental house or apartment if you’re a renter. The answer is yes, but ONLY with your landlord’s written consent. Inform your landlord as soon as possible if you’ve misplaced your key or experienced a security issue. It’s important to understand that the landlord is not required to change the locks. If you feel uneasy or unsafe for any reason, they can and probably should help, but it’s not required. You can also hire a locksmith to change the locks for you once you have received written consent. There is no need for you to wait for the landlord to complete it. Just make certain to give them the new key.

The best course of action for a tenant is to ask to have the locks changed before signing the lease. By doing this, the landlord will be required to replace the locks before you move in at their expense. The procedure for changing locks varies slightly between territories and provinces, but in every case, you must first get your landlord’s approval.

Should All My Doors Have The Same Key?

Your locksmith will ask you if you want all the keys to your property to be the same whether you are having your locks totally changed or rekeyed. The use of a single key to open all of your locks has many advantages. Nobody enjoys fumbling around in the dark for their keys at the door. Having a single key that opens all the doors in your house can be incredibly helpful, especially if you have trouble keeping track of keys and occasionally lose them. By simply rekeying your locks, you can easily make all of your doors accessible with the same key.

Your unique situation and goals will determine whether a single key system is the best choice for your home. At Locksmith Empire, we can do a security audit for your house without any obligations.

Contact Locksmith Empire right now to find out more about our wide range of domestic key and lock services if you’ve just moved residences and want to take preventative measures with your home security. We’ll help you locate the best solution at the best price for everything from lock replacement services to rekeying services. Call us at 0000000000 immediately for a free, no-obligation estimate.

How to choose the best locksmith 

There’s more to finding a skilled locksmith than a quick Google search. Before making a service appointment, ask the following questions- 

Is the locksmith well-experienced in handling commercial and residential properties? 

Does your insurance provide coverage for locksmith costs? Locksmith services are sometimes covered by home insurance.

How much does it cost? Get several estimates to compare. Don’t simply focus on their website price, either. Get a price on your particular lock by calling them.

Are there any credentials for the locksmith? Even though your province or territory might not have such a requirement, it’s still a good idea to check their credentials and ask to see a current driver’s license before hiring.

Does the Better Business Bureau rate them? As BBB only accepts reputable locksmiths with great ratings and reviews and keeps an eye on complaints, this will offer you a good idea of the quality of their service.

When should you hire a locksmith? 

The day you move into your new home is the best day to schedule a locksmith. When you sign the lease, could you let your landlord know that you’re a new renter and you want new locks installed? People don’t take this thing seriously and sometimes this results in a very big loss. Protect your family, and protect your home, but we found that if people don’t change their locks within 30 days of moving in, they’ll forget to do it.

What information does the locksmith need? 

When you’re prepared to hire a locksmith, you should let them know-

The total number of locks in your house, especially on the garage, side, back, and sliding doors.

A description of the locks, including the names of the brands, whether or not they are deadbolts, and whether or not they are integrated into the door handle.

We know very well that moving can be very difficult. Even though you already have a lot on your plate, setting up your utilities and changing your address is just as important as changing your locks. It will be well worth it because it will give you peace of mind.

Locksmith Empire, which has an A+ rating with the BBB, provides rekeying, smart lock installation, and lock repair services for single- and multi-family residences. Therefore, if you find yourself locked out of your home, call them instead of breaking a window. 


Should you replace the locks on a new house?

Change your house’s locks when you move into a new residence. Changing the locks will make your new home safer because you have no idea about how many duplicates of the house keys the previous owners left behind. Tom suggests switching the locks whenever a new home is bought.

Should I change my door lock?

Even if the house is brand new, it’s a good idea to change the locks when you move in. You never know who entered the house prior to you or whether they had a spare key.

Should you change the lock after moving in?

Before you moved in, the prior tenants may have made some improvements or hired a cleaning service. Even if they were thoughtful, it’s a good idea to replace the locks.

Why should you change locks when moving to a new place?

There are several reasons to do this. The main reason for changing the locks is to increase home security while keeping costs down. You shouldn’t take your security for granted, even if your landlord has already convinced you that the locks have already been replaced after the previous tenant went out.

How much does it cost to change a house lock?

For a house, the cost of changing locks ranges between $80 and $200. The cost of replacing smart locks and advanced locking mechanisms is more. Prices vary according to the technology type used, such as a keypad entry or a key with a chip.

What is the difference between rekeying and changing locks?

In order to prevent the use of previous keys, a locksmith must alter the pins in the lock itself. Usually, rekeying old door hardware is less expensive than replacing it completely. If you already like your current door knob and want a practical safety solution, a lock rekey is the best option.

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