Professional Honda Car Key Replacement Service in Oregon

Need to hire an expert Honda car key replacement service in Oregon? No need to look further than Locksmith Empire. We can provide duplicate and replacement keys as well as ignition switch repairs.

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Experienced Honda Car Key Replacement Locksmiths Near You

Here at Locksmith Empire, we provide a variety of different services, ranging from key replacements to Honda locks and ignition repair. Our locksmiths are available on a same-day basis. You can have your problem fixed in a jiffy.

The following are some lock and key services that we can provide for your Honda:

  • Standard key duplication
  • Honda replacement keys by VIN
  • Fixing jammed or damaged ignition switches
  • Repairing broken keys
  • Programming key fobs
  • Rekeying door locks

When Do You Need to Hire Our Services?

When it comes to lock and key issues, there are some small problems that you can fix yourself, such as when your key gets lightly stuck in the slot or when the key head pops apart (without breaking). However, there are some problems that you should not try and take care of yourself. Rather, you should give us a call instead. Here are some of those problems:

Key Theft

In cases of key theft, the first thing that you should do is notify the police. After that, you need to have a new fob programmed with your car and you need to have the door locks rekeyed. Stolen keys aren’t to be taken lightly. They can be a security risk.

To have your locks and ignition switch rekeyed, you can simply come to us here at Locksmith Empire instead.

Jammed or Damaged Ignition

Another possible problem that can prompt you to hire our services is a jammed or damaged ignition switch. If your ignition switch happens to get jammed or damaged, you won’t be able to get your car started until you have it repaired. And to get it repaired, you can just give us a call.

Fob Programming

If your fob has started to malfunction, our expert will place new batteries in it and reprogram it with your vehicle. This should fix the problem, but if it does not, then we can always provide you with a new fob as well.

You can also get a new fob programmed for your car from your local dealership. However, if you find that the price is a little too much, you can get a quote from us instead and see if it is closer to your budget.

What Should You Look for in a Honda Car Key Replacement Service?

If you’re wondering “Where do I go for replacing my Honda key?”, the answer is simple. You hire a professional locksmith and let them take care of the whole thing for you.

However, when it comes to hiring a professional Honda car key replacement service, you should be a little careful about who you choose. During the selection process, there are some traits and qualities that you should look for, some of which we are mentioning below.

Availability of Required Service

To begin with, the locksmith service that you intend to hire should provide you with the service that you need. If you need to have a smart key programmed for your car, then you should hire an agency that can provide you with this service.

To get an idea about the provided services, you can simply call your contemplated agency, or you can head over to their website. This way, you can get the information that you need.

High-Quality Parts

The parts that the locksmith will use for your car i.e., new keys and locks etc., should be high-quality and durable. If they’re some inferior-quality products, then you may have to look up “Honda key replacement near me” again sooner than you’d like.

High-quality parts can last longer and work without giving you any issues. You should opt for a company that provides good-quality parts, even if it means splurging a little.


The amount of experience a locksmith agency has speaks for the past success that they have had with their clients. Take Locksmith Empire, for example. We have been providing our services for the past 6+ years and we have more than 14,000 happy clients.

An experienced company is much easier to trust, and much easier to work with. Experienced professionals can get your work done efficiently and quickly.

How Long Does It Take to Get a New Honda Key?

The time taken, as well as the cost of Honda car key replacement, largely depends on the type of key it is. Simple mechanical keys, such as the ones found on older models (circa pre-2005) can be cut in about 20 minutes. On the other hand, transponder keys and remote electronic keys can take more time because of the electronic components. This also depends on the Honda car key replacement service you choose to hire. By working with us, you’ll be able to get your keys replaced quickly.

Which Type of Honda Car Keys Can We Replace?

There has been much change and evolution in the type of car keys. Back in the day, simple mechanical ones were used whereas nowadays smart proximity fobs are in vogue. The following are the type of Honda car keys that we can repair and replace for you.

Simple Mechanical Keys

Simple mechanical keys are usually found in older Honda models. These types of keys don’t have any sort of special functionality (such as electronic chips or buttons for remotely accessing the vehicle). Here at Locksmith Empire, we can quickly provide you with duplicate mechanical keys for your Honda.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are distinguished by the electronic chip embedded in the key head. This chip communicates with the car when turning on. If the car recognizes the key, the engine is successfully started otherwise not. Transponder keys usually have a separate key fob for remote functions.

Remote Electrical Keys

Remote electrical keys combine the functionality of a transponder key and the fob all in one piece. The buttons for the remote functions are embedded on the key head and can be used to lock and unlock the car as well as to open the truck and sound the panic alarm.

Smart Proximity Keys

Smart proximity keys are the latest type of keys in use nowadays. They essentially allow you to unlock and start the car just by bringing the key close to it. However, there is a backup key integrated with it for emergency purposes.

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Car Key

Replacement key


Ignition Repair

Push to start fobs

Program car key

Broken Key

Key Duplicate

Key Extraction

Door Lock Repair

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Why Should You Hire Locksmith Empire?

If you’re looking for a Honda key replacement online, then there are probably a lot of companies that are showing up in the results. You could be having some trouble making a choice.

One of the main benefits that you will enjoy by hiring us for your needs is our quick availability. In case you need to have your keys replaced in an emergency, we have a quick-response team on standby. Furthermore, by hiring us, you can get access to a wide range of offered services. We can replace your keys, program your fobs, repairs your ignitions and even rekey your car doors.

Key Features of Honda Car Key Replacement Services at Locksmith Empire

The following are some of the features that you can enjoy by hiring our Honda car key replacement service.

Prompt Availability

When you lose your car keys, you probably won’t like to wait for a couple of days for a locksmith to show up. You need to have your keys replaced as quickly as possible. And that is what we strive to do here at Locksmith Empire. You can give us a call and we will be over at your location on the same day as your booking.


Our services are affordable and reasonably priced. If you find that the Honda dealership key replacement cost is a little too exorbitant, you can come to us instead and we’ll try to give you a more manageable quote.

Experience and Expertise

Locksmith Empire has been providing locksmith services in Oregon for the last 6+ years. We are a name that you can trust for your car lock and key repair/replacement needs.

Fob Programming Services

Apart from providing key replacements and lock repair, we can also program your key fobs. If your existing one is starting to malfunction, we our expert will replace the battery and reprogram it. If that does not fix it, we’ll provide you with a new one.

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Customer service is our top priority. We will make sure you satisfied with our service before we leave.

Angel maiitll
Angel maiitll
June 21, 2022.
Arived within 15 min very good service unlocked car in one minute highly recomend.
Anagel Eiioll
Anagel Eiioll
June 21, 2022.
He was quick to come to my home to fix my lock, very professional. Definitely will be using him again for any other future services.
Mishup Park
Mishup Park
June 21, 2022.
Really helped my put when needed and was quick and efficient price was pretty good as well.
James Gonzales
James Gonzales
June 21, 2022.
Dor was absolutely great! He came ove right away and in two minutes had the door opened.
Carlos Phillip
Carlos Phillip
June 20, 2022.
He was very responsive and helpful. Very much appreciated his help in my situation!
Carles Jason
Carles Jason
June 20, 2022.
Wonderful and very quick service! would recommend when you are in need of a locksmith!
Luisa Jaskolski
Luisa Jaskolski
June 20, 2022.
The service was excellent. They arrived fast and explained each step. Big company, good service,very professional. Thank you so much 👌
Carolyn Robinson
Carolyn Robinson
June 20, 2022.
Really nice guy would definitely recommend had 3 locks changed with no problems. Will definitely use again when needed.
Adam McKnight
Adam McKnight
June 20, 2022.
Great service! Fast and effective service as well, i’d definitely will recommend for anyone
Maria Clark
Maria Clark
June 20, 2022.
Great service! Fast and effective service as well, i’d definitely will recommend for anyone
Most popular questions

Frequently Ask Questions.

Here is few of common questions we hear frequently. If there is any more question feel free to give us call and ask us directly. 

On average, you may have to pay around $100 – $150 for replacing a Honda ignition key. There may be some additional charges by the locksmith agency that you hire as well.

Yes, you can have a Honda car key replaced. You can either make a new one from an existing spare, or you can use the VIN code to cut one from scratch.

The price for cutting and programming a Honda key can be around $100 – $200. However, this can vary depending on the service you hire and the car you own. It’s best to get a quote beforehand.

You can either go to a Honda dealership, or you can hire a private locksmith agency like Locksmith Empire.

Yes, we can program a Honda key for you.

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