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Are you looking for commercial locksmith services? Locksmith Empire is a professional locksmith service provider, offering business owners and other commercial setups reliable security lock installations. We serve the wider area of Oregon with a mobile team of experienced locksmiths. Call us today for fast & reliable commercial locksmith services.

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24/7 Emergency Commercial Locksmith Services to Secure Your Business Premises

At Locksmith Empire, it is our tradition to maintain the highest quality of locksmith services to our customers. With over 10 years of industry experience, we have built a name for ourselves among businesses in Oregon. We are a full-service commercial locksmith for businesses operating in Salem, Jefferson, and many other cities.

Whether running a retail outlet, school, hospital, office, or a warehouse where security is key, Locksmith Empire can give you peace of mind with reliable locks installation. We can also do the regular maintenance of security locks to industrial standards so you can focus on running your business.

Why Hire Professional Commercial & Business Locksmith Services?

Owning a business means taking all the necessary steps to secure your wealth against all sorts of threats, including burglary. Even if running a small or medium size outlet, it’s important t ensure your business space is secured with reliable locks and security features.

Hiring a professional commercial and industrial locksmith services provider has many advantages.

Guaranteed peace of mind

Are you looking for the “most trusted commercial locksmith near me?” You can be assured that your property will be safe and secure when you hire a professional locksmith service provider like Locksmith Empire. With a license and insurance, you’ll know that the locksmith company can address your concerns professionally since they’re legally authorized to offer the services.

Cost saving

This might not seem like it at first. But if you’ve encountered unscrupulous locksmiths before, then you’ve probably spent a lot of money on cheap quality locks. But a professional locksmith has a reputation that presides them and is mandated to guard it.

Locksmith Empire for instance uses high-quality commercial-grade locks for all our clients. With every dime spent, you get real value for your money which in the long run saves you more.

Quick emergency response

Your locks can jam anytime, especially when you least expect them to. With a fast & reliable commercial locksmith services provider, you can be sure that they’ll attend to your request right away. We cannot say the same for locksmiths.

Access to high-level experience

When you work with a professional commercial locksmith provider, you will get access to a high level of skills and proper advice. Locksmith Empire has built its skill level over many years of experience. Also, we train our locksmiths regularly to ensure they are up to date with the technology of locks. We are always happy to extend this expertise to our clients.

Best Quality Commercial Locksmith Services From Locksmith Empire

You can benefit a lot from the different types of commercial locksmith services offered by Locksmith Empire. We strive to provide only the best quality services in the market to help you safeguard your business against theft or unauthorized access.

Below are some of our commercial locksmith services.

Lock Repair and Replacement

Defective locks expose your business built through years of effort to security and safety issues. Contact our mobile locksmith team and we will be at your location in 30 minutes. We’ll assess your locks for any defects. With our highly skilled commercial locksmith, we can repair and replace faulty locks for your commercial setup. We also offer commercial door lock cylinder replacement service where you don’t have to replace the entire lock. Which is economical yet secure!

Lockout service

Lockout is one of the worst experiences for a business as it can make clients and prospects think you’re closed for business. It can cost you a lot of revenue hence it’s important to have Locksmith Empire’s contact on speed dial. Whether the keys are lost or broken, our expert locksmiths can come to your rescue with a long-lasting solution.

Rekeying service

Are you suspecting that someone else has access to your business premise doors? Rekeying is an excellent service of rendering the old keys useless while allowing only the new set of keys to access the lock.

Our experts at Locksmith Empire can rekey all the locks to your business premise to keep off anyone else with a key to any of the locks.

Master key cutting service

Sometimes you may want to gain access to all the doors on your business premise. But the stress of locating the key or finding the person with the keys can be problematic. Through our master key cutting service, we can create a master key for you that can unlock and lock any door, so long as all the locks are of the same type.

Even if not, we can do the replacement of all locks with one type, then we can create a master key for you. This is a great way to also monitor every nook and cranny of your business premise, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed under your watch. Also, If you need locksmithing services for commercial vehicles, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Locks maintenance

Locks tend to wear and tear, especially in high-traffic doors such as schools or hospitals. Without regular maintenance, the locks can fall apart. Locksmith Empire offers regular maintenance of locks by assessing to find cracks or worn-out parts that cause future problems.

Our expert locksmiths will create a report with a recommendation for locks that require repair or replacement. We can also advise you on the best locks to use and prevent any possible security breach to your business premise.

Safe installation, unlocking, and repair

Every business will have a safe within the premises for keeping valuables and other sensitive documents. Our commercial locksmith service can do the installation of safes and unlock those whose unlock codes are misplaced.

Instead of choosing a safe by yourself, you can also contact us for advice on the best safes to install at your business premises.

Types of Commercial Locks to Consider

Commercial locks are a significant investment for any company that is considering installing them. There are many different types of commercial locks to choose from, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Locksmith Empire is dedicated to helping you understand these commercial locks and choose one that best suits your business.

Commercial strike lock

This is an electronic door lock used to buzz visitors into high-security rooms and has a doorbell or intercom installed with it. Any visitor has to announce their presence by ringing the bell. The lock is commonly used in law firms, doctor’s offices, daycare centers, or surveillance control rooms.

A commercial strike lock is ideal for keeping employees safe by knowing who is requesting entry into a room or building. You can rely on Locksmith Empire to provide you with reliable industrial locksmith services for offices at an affordable rate.

Restricted key systems

These are among the most secure commercial door locks because they restrict how many times an authorized person copies the keys.

Door closers

These are designed to close the door once a person enters. Door closers are ideal for high traffic use. They can withstand the traffic of about 400 people every day but may last up to seven years only before they require replacement.

Keyless entry door lock

As the name suggests, this door lock allows entry by automatically unlocking and locking the door remotely without using any key. Keyless entry door locks can be integrated with panic hardware, fire alarms, and other security systems. Examples of commercial keyless entry locks include the electric deadbolt lock and electromagnetic locks.

Electro-hydraulic door operators

These door operators are reliable, and durable and can be installed on interior and exterior doors. They work in the same fashion as regenerative power operators and are ideal in commercial premises where automatic lock operation is occasionally required. Electro-hydraulic door operators are common in low-traffic doors that require ADA compliance.

Need advice on choosing the right commercial door lock for your business? Contact Locksmith Empire today and we will assess your business space and recommend the best door locks. We have highly experienced commercial locksmith service technicians who can advise you accordingly.

What to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Locksmith

There are many locksmiths with varying levels of experience and expertise, so it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs. When you’re looking for a commercial locksmith, it’s important to consider the following:

24/7 emergency availability

About 60% of the need for a locksmith is due to an emergency because not many people think about having a trusted locksmith on speed dial. For instance, your commercial space may have been broken into, and that’s the time you’d think about replacing the locks.

Therefore, ensure your choice of commercial locksmith service provider offers 24/7 emergency support. They should also have a mobile team that can respond to your rescue request in the shortest time possible. Locksmith Empire offers both 24/7 emergency locksmith services and a mobile team to respond to your urgent requests.

Excellent reputation

The reputation of a good locksmith company will always precede them. Check out what people are saying about their services. If planning to work with a local commercial locksmith, ask friends and family for referrals. Confirm their credibility through online reviews on Yelp.

A commercial locksmith should also be able to provide references from previous clients who can speak to their quality.

Locksmith Expertise and experience

A great locksmith company will enlighten you about their experience and expertise. Even if they don’t provide that information, you should ask. It is okay to want the best services for your commercial space. If the locksmith does a poor job it can end up costing you dearly.

Customer service

You will be able to tell whether a commercial locksmith service provider is great or not during the inquiry stages. it can hint to you about their quality of service. find a company that makes you feel safe and valued to entrust the security of your business to.


Last but not least, it is always a good idea to compare their prices against the market rate. The prices quoted should also reflect the quality of service delivered. Don’t base your decision based on price alone because cheap does not always mean affordability. You may end up spending even more to rectify poor workmanship.

Reliable commercial locksmith service is priceless. Are you sure your current locksmith meets all these criteria? Contact Locksmith Empire today and let us demonstrate quality, efficiency, and affordability in our locksmith services.

Upgrade to Advanced Commercial Door Locks with Locksmith Empire

Are you still using the old mechanical locks and keys? Or do you have a deadbolt lock on your commercial outlet doors? Upgrade to an advanced commercial door lock with better security protection.

Contact us now and our mobile team of locksmith technicians will assess your business space and recommend the best locks. Also, we can do lock repair, replacement, and security assessment services.

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Great service! Fast and effective service as well, i’d definitely will recommend for anyone
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Here is few of common questions we hear frequently. If there is any more question feel free to give us call and ask us directly. 

Yes, we do. Our mobile commercial locksmith service providers can reach your location in 30 minutes, equipped with tools, equipment, and parts required to successfully assess and give you a report. Next, we will offer a free estimate of the recommendations.

Local commercial locksmith services have different price ranges depending on the sought-after service. It’s recommended to do an analysis first before giving a quotation. Generally, commercial locksmith services cost range between $75 and $1,000. Contact us for a more accurate free quotation.

Yes, we do. Locksmith Empire is fully bonded and insured against all possible accidents that may occur when our locksmiths are at work. This gives you peace of mind that your property security locks will be installed to the highest quality standards.

We will need about 30 minutes to an hour to reach your location. We have a mobile locksmith team stocked with parts, tools, and equipment to sort out your security lock issues.

Yes, we always run a thorough background check on all our technicians before bringing them onboard. We also confirm that they are trained and certified to operate as commercial locksmith technicians in Oregon. Hence you can trust our expertise and professionalism to meet your commercial security lock needs.