There are two main reasons why a person must install a lock on a bedroom door. The first is security, and the other one is privacy.

After a long day, the bedroom serves as a place of refuge where you can rest and relax. It is only natural to keep it locked at all times to prevent any disturbances from the outside. That way, you can always chill, sleep, read, meditate, watch your favorite shows, and do many other things you want to do alone.

If you haven’t installed a lock on your bedroom door yet or still want to upgrade, here are the materials you will need and the procedure for installing a lock on a bedroom door.

Materials You Need To Install A Door Lock Set

To avoid slowing down the process, you must ensure you have all the right tools to put that door lock on. The tools may vary depending on the lock you want to install.

Here are the materials you will need to know how to install a lock on a bedroom door.

Bedroom lock

There are many types of bedroom locks you can use to install in your bedrooms, such as general or traditional locks, doorknob locks, chain locks, and deadbolt locks. Each of them may require slight differences in how to install them.

A general or traditional lock is the most popular among all other door lock types. It features three categories: single, double, and lockable configurations. The keyed entrance lock is the most common one used as a traditional lock in every household and establishment.

Doorknob locks work best with a deadbolt. Most people use it to secure several rooms at home, such as bedrooms. However, it would be best if you did not use it at the entrance or main doors as it can break easily. You can also unlock it effortlessly without using a key.

You can find chain locks on bedroom doors more often since their design allows you to open them without letting anyone inside. Thus, the door is always slightly open. It is easy to install and break into when needed.

Bedroom lock

Lastly, the deadbolt lock is also one of the most popular locks used. To open it, you can use a key or a thumb turn.

You can also use these locks as easy fit bathroom door locks or install them in other rooms of your household or offices to add more security.


You will need a mallet to drive a chisel. When choosing one, go for a wood mallet since metal mallets can break the chisel’s handle. Also, installing a door lock is a little work compared to other repair or construction procedures.

Thus, only a small wooden mallet is enough to do the job. However, you still need to take note of the size. Get one in a bigger size than the chisel head you will use.


A pencil will serve as a highlighter or a marker to ensure you can install the door lock correctly.

Power drill and drill bits

Use a cordless power drill since it is more convenient and gives you more freedom to move around as much as possible. You might need to use and stock powerful batteries for more extended usage.

If you already have a corded one, ensure it can reach the nearest outlet available or get an extension, so the wires will not stretch too much and cause it to malfunction.

Regarding the drill bits, get at least two ⅓ inches in diameter for the face bore, ⅞ inches spade bit for the edge bore, and 3/32 inches drill bit.


Most locksets have a screwdriver included ensuring it will fit the screws used to install the locks. However, if the one you bought does not have one, you can look for a Philipps screwdriver that has a similar size to the screws.

Tape measure

Knowing the specific size of the locks will help you to install them in the right area of the door. You can use any tape measure that is easily accessible to you, such as a reel tape measure, mainly used for construction projects, sewing tape measure, etc. If you do not have one, a ruler will do.

Wood chisel

Wood chisel

You need to chisel the part of the door where you will install the lock bolt. The most appropriate one is a wood chisel since this is woodwork. It also causes lesser impact and is easier to use than metal.

Ensure the one you use has a comfortable grip to avoid getting your hands hurt and also comes in the correct diameter size with the locks you will install.

General Steps on How to Install a Lock on a Bedroom Door

Now that you know which materials to use, it is time to proceed with the installation.

There are variations on how to install a lock on a bedroom door, depending on the lock type. But these are the general steps you can follow that work for all.

Get the correct measurement for the replacement lock

Before you buy the replacement lock that you will install on the bedroom door, ensure it has a similar size as the one you removed. You can get one with the same design, but you can also look for others as long as it will fit on the door well once installed.

Match the key by checking the key code

Every key and lock set has a corresponding key code unique to them based on their branding and model. If you plan to use a similar key to the other locks in the house, you need to check the key code to see if it matches them.

You can find this code at the back of the package as you purchase the lock. If you need help, ask the hardware store where you bought it for further assistance.

Remove the old lock

Once you get the right replacement key and code, it is time to remove the old lock. You can do it by loosening the screws until you can pull the lock from the door.

Most door locks have visible screws, so you do not need to look for them further or use a pin to insert them.

Know the location of the face bore

Know the location of the face bore

The face bore is where you place the lock mechanism housing. Ensure you get the right location and measurement for the lock; the door location is known to prevent additional work when installing it.

Most of the time, the lockset you install on a bedroom door includes a template. You only need to put it on the door’s edge, where it will intersect with the lock mechanism housing or the face bore.

Install the new door lock or start drilling

After matching the template, you can install the new latch. Get your power drill to create holes at the door side. Then, put in the screws to secure the latch in place.

Some people may reuse the screws from the old lock, but you should refrain from doing it since these screws might already be weak and can easily be loose. Always use those with the new lockset you bought, or buy new ones separately.

Assemble the lock

Assemble the lock by putting them through the door keyhole by sliding it with controlled pressure. You can avoid ruining the keyhole and causing you more work.

Then, tighten the screws to secure the lock. To test if the new lock fits in, you can try it by locking in the door from the inside and outside.

At first, you may find it hard to insert and adjust the key inside since the locking mechanism is still new. But you can get a hold of it with frequent usage.

Again, the above procedure is generally used when installing a lock. There might be slight differences in the process depending on which lock type you will use. Also, the door type you have will play a significant factor.

Now that you know how to install a lock on a bedroom door, you can guarantee a safer environment as you sleep.



1. Can You Put a Lock on Bedroom Door?

Yes, you can put a lock on a bedroom door to add more privacy, especially if you are sharing a place with other people. There are easy fit bedroom door locks with key you can install. The best ones you can find are the keyed-entry door knob and portable locks.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Put a Lock on a Bedroom Door?

To install a new bedroom door lock, you must prepare around $100 up to $300. To break down the expenses, an average door lock costs around $128. Some are cheaper depending on the brand or the store where you buy them.

If you need to hire someone to install the locks for you, you need to spend around $146 to $300 for the labor cost and additional materials you may need for the repair and installation.

3. How Can I Lock My Bedroom Door without a Lock?

It is always convenient and safer to have a fit privacy door lock installed in your bedroom for safety and privacy. However, it might take you a while to purchase and install one. In that case, you may want to think of other ways to lock it.

Some of the most effective ways to use temporary locks are door stops, belts, rope, forks, door jammers, floor barricades, and a security bar.

You can also use a portable door lock, which can also work if you want to put a lock on a bedroom from the outside. It suits those who rent a place, such as travelers, and want to feel secure.

You may also use it in bathrooms since the bathroom door lock mechanism has similarities with bedroom locks.

4. How Do You Install An Interior Door Lock?

If you want to install a door lock and handle, you need to start by taking measurements on both the door and the lock to ensure it will fit well. Then, check the key code and ensure it is similar to the door lock you will install.

Once you get all the necessary details, prepare the tools, such as the screwdriver, to remove the doorknob, replace the latch, and remove the old deadbolt. After everything’s removed, you can install the new lock and deadbolt.

If you get the right size for the new lock, it will not be too hard to install it on your door. The entire process is also easier since you can put a lock on a bedroom door without drilling.

5. What Kind of Lock Can I Put on My Bedroom Door?

Many types of locks are available, but not all may suit your bedroom door. Thus, when choosing an ideal lock, you can look for a fit privacy door lock to ensure safety and security since bedrooms are where you should always feel comfortable.

You can look for knob, chain, reinforcement, smart, and portable door locks to give you an option.

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